Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels is the first book to teach women:

  • How to climb the corporate ladder and have fun doing it
  • How to use 12 of their natural roles and talents to advance in Corporate America
  • How to thrive in a downsizing and outsourcing global economy
  • The secret of becoming a billionaire
  • How to achieve both a rewarding career and a fulfilling life
  • What to do when they hit the glass ceiling

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels has been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Korean. review, “Glass Ceilings”
Kathleen Archambeau sets out to help professional women navigate the challenges in striving for corporate success, while maintaining some semblance of a balanced life…Archambeau does hit on some important issues. For instance, she stresses the importance of team building and the willingness to share credit at work, rather than scheming for individual credit (what goes around comes around)…(and) also offers expertise on work productivity, networking, salary negotiations and other work-life issues. Those who…absorb her substantive insights will come away with some valuable advice.